About Us

Jobby is the job search application that will mark a turning point in the search for personnel and the relationships between employers and potential employees in India this decade.

This application for mobile devices allows, in a simple way, to publish job offers in seconds, reducing to a minimum all the bureaucratic processes that employers have to suffer every time they want to find staff for their companies. Besides, interested users can filter the job offers that most suit them and apply to them knowing such details as the position, department, schedule or salary.

And best of all, it's free. Yes, free. Free for both parties.

Companies won't lose money if they don't find their ideal worker, and candidates don't need to pay to apply for potential jobs.

Some of the key features we introduce are the ability to contact both parties by phone or WhatsApp, or to set up your resume in just a couple of clicks. Discover amazing job offers near you, or find the ideal worker you need to complete that work team. Free, simple and effective. We offer the possibility of finding or publishing both full-time and part-time jobs. We do not set limits!

Don't wait any longer and join the jobseeking revolution with Jobby

Our Mission

At Jobby we believe that there are no limits to the job market in India, and we reflect this in our policies.

We aim to offer unlimited jobs nearby your location, or, if you are a company, give you the possibility to post as many job offers as you need, without limits, without fees.

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